Making A Career Out Of An OCD Disorder Condition

Making a career from a condition seems odd to hear but, I think I used it to my advantage. I think I have an OCD disorder condition. I really never denied it when my family talked about it. rather I was kind of proud of it. I have always been a very organized person. It’s funny sometimes I think even my thoughts are organized.

To see a clean, in-order excel sheet, all numbers in a column left top aligned excited me. Internally I was very proud of it but shied from saying it aloud.

My tryst with the Customer Relationship Management world started a few years ago when I was given the task to fix our in-house CRM system. I got introduced to the Podio Platform for the first time. Our internal system was in total mess. Given all the restrictions and handicaps I had to work with. I built a Robust User -Friendly system which is to this day being used extensively by the organization.


When I decided to go independent, building Customer Relationship Management systems was the most obvious way forward. I started freelancing as a consultant, and to my surprise, I have been fairly successful in a short period of time.

I always attributed my interest and success to the fact that I come from a business background and have worked in a technology company for a while. Understanding business processes comes very easily to me. Structuring and architecting business processes was very satisfying. Putting things in order (in this case PROCESSES) was what I enjoyed doing the most. I truly think my OCD disorder condition helped me in making a career. Contact us for more information.


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