How I got introduced to the Podio CRM Platform

My journey with the Podio CRM Platform started 6 years ago. The company I was with, A Retail Analytical Product Company was in the process of evaluating CRM platforms. We struck upon Podio, initially, there was a very mixed opinion about Podio. One of the biggest reservations is the permission right to selective fields and selective users. But a gut feeling or you may call it a hunch pushed me to pursue Podio.

Why Podio CRM

Why Podio CRM

Not having the technical skills and very limited coding capabilities, Podio opened an entirely new world for me. I very soon started solving small management issues with Podio. For e.g. The Leave Application system. The Marketing Lead Management System.

As I have not worked on too many CRM platforms, it will be difficult for me to compare and evaluate. But my biggest pull to Podio CRM was the simplicity and ease of setting up a CRM system, even without any coding experience. The Leave Application System was one of the first CRM systems I set up which was done in as little as one day. This had some very basic automation. This is being used by the organization extensively even today.

Growing with Podio CRM

Now there was no looking back, only moving forward. Podio CRM kind of became an addiction. Every day opened a new magic trick for me. The open environment works as a double edge sword sometimes. On the one hand, it gives you the flexibility to customize to great lengths. But if not used correctly a novice can really mess up things.

There are a few limitations that Podio does have, the most important one being viewing permission to selective fields. Having said that the features Podio provides are vast. To start with the ability to manage your data and all your information, exactly the way you want it. The way you want it is the keyword. To run your own multi-channel marketing campaigns, this could be via text messages, emails, ringless voice messages, or even postcards and letters. Building your very own API calls without the help of an expensive technical professional can be easily done using the add-on of Procfu.

Podio CRM is one of the most price-effective CRM platforms in the market

price-effective CRM platforms

If you don’t need any frills and fancies, you can manage your data and information on the basic Podio CRM free version. This does not cost you anything at all. The minute you require some kind of automation or integration you would need to buy the premium Podio upgrade. This is just for 24 $ per month per user, and if you pay annually you can pay as little as 19.20 $ a month. If one tries to compare apples to apples this pricing is very competitive visa via other products in the market

Podio CRM Community

As I got deeply entrenched into Podio. I also got to meet the Podio community. Podio has a huge user base with a very big, a very active, and a very supportive community. They become my Go To place. Due to lack of technical knowledge Initially I was hesitant to ask questions. But the community is very supportive and helpful. They guided me all the way. There have been times they have actually walked me through my problem very patiently.

How Podio CRM changed the way I think

To sum up, I can say Podio actually changed the way I think. I am constantly trying to improve my skills. To know more and more features that Podio provides. My biggest excitement is when a client comes with a very complex problem, I try my best to solve it. This leaves me with a new feature of learning.

I am so glad I embarked on this journey with Podio.

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