How do I build my own Real Estate CRM system?

Every Real Estate CRM system is unique to the user.  rather should be unique to its user. The real estate vertical is a huge gamut. One could be dealing in homes or residential properties, land, commercial or industrial. The information required for each of these categories is different. Therefore the CRM system should be specifically designed for its user.

To design a Real Estate CRM system suited to one’s requirements, first one needs to define the type of CRM one wants to create. Is it for land, residential property, commercial property, etc? If it is residential typically what are the types of residential properties Apartments, Houses, Mobiles Homes, etc.?

The next step and most vital step being is to draw out a process or a mind map as to how your business flows. Or what are the steps you take to process each property?

Creating a Mind Map for a Real Estate CRM System

Creating a Mind Map for a Real Estate CRM System

Let’s first understand what is a Mind Map for a Real Estate CRM system. In very simple terms “ A Mind Map is a diagram to visually organize information” The fundamental requirement for a successful Real Estate CRM system or for that matter any CRM system is first knowing what you want from your CRM system. Read more about choosing a CRM system.

To help you recognize what you want from your CRM system, one can start by answering a few key questions.  HOW DOES MY REAL ESTATE BUSINESS PROCESS FLOW?  Following this is the next most Important Question that needs to be answered Is,

How do I get leads for my business? Or how do leads come into my system?

There could be various methods as to how you receive your leads

  • Through your website
  • From Facebook Ads
  • Incoming calls from your phone service
  • Incoming Text Messages again from your phone service
  • Do I Manually Enter my Leads
  • Do I use a Virtual Assistant Webform?
  • Do I buy lists in excel format and upload them into my system?
  • Any other form of Social media
  • From my Investor Carrot Website

The next question which automatically falls into place is

How do I manage all the information that I collect from the lead,

How do I organize the Lead Information?

What all the information I need regarding the lead

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Phone ( Ability to store How many numbers )
  • Emails
  • Mailing Address

What all information do I need regarding the property

  • Property Address
  • Type of property
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Pool
  • Garage
  • Square Footage
  • Year built-in
  • Taxes
  • Zestimate
  • Latitude / Longitude
  • APN
  • Any calculation required regarding the Price

Do most of my Leads own more than one property?

How many assistants assist me in my organization?

How do I assign leads to my Assistant?

Do I give complete access to my entire system to my assistants or do I prefer my Assistant have their own space to work in?

How do I connect with the lead to collect more information? Is it via a Call, Email, or SMS?

Is there a fixed set of questions I or my Assistant asks the lead regarding the property?

Another very important step at this stage is the define the stages of progress of a lead eg :

  • New Lead
  • Listed with Agent Currently
  • Running Drip Campaign
  • Due Diligence
  • Calling Lead for More Information
  • Lead Responded
  • Follow Up with Offer
  • Offer Made
  • Dead Lead

If there are any other specific to your process issues they need to be listed out here. This would be considered the first phase where the leads and properties are managed, due diligence is done and updated periodically.

Do I run Marketing Campaigns from my Real Estate CRM System?

Do I run Marketing Campaigns from my Real Estate CRM System?

This could be considered the next phase. First, you need to ask yourself do I run or would I want to run periodic Marketing Campaigns from my Real Estate CRM system? If yes what are the methods I would be used to send out these campaigns? Would it be text messaging, emails, ring-less voice messages, postcards, or letters or would it be a combination of all?

Next, you would need to choose the company that provides these services. You would also need to make out a template of all the campaigns you plan to send out.

How to manage my Buyers from within my Real Estate CRM System.

Would I want to manage my buyers from my Real Estate CRM System as well? Here the questions would be very similar to the Seller Leads. eg: How do I get my Buyers into my system? What is the information I require from my Buyers? Do I run Marketing Campaigns for my Buyers as well? So on and so forth……..

Sending Out Contracts & Agreements from my Real Estate CRM System.

Do I need to send out offer letters to my Leads? What are the Agreements I need to send out to the Buyers? What are the mail merge fields required in the Offer Letter or the Agreements? Do I require Digital Signature?

A Real Estate CRM System specifically for you

Creating a successful user-friendly, robust Real Estate CRM System suited specifically for you requires a systematic well-defined list of all the processes of your business.

Leave Data Management to your CRM System, thereby letting you focus on Sales Conversion.

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