Choosing a CRM system for your Business

Choosing a CRM system for your Business

Sharing some insight from the experience I have gained working with real estate investors and developers. Read more about building a real estate CRM system.

Know your business process.

This is the fundamental problem that is most often overlooked. One needs to lay out how exactly one’s business process works. Being committed to this first step can spell success for your solution. One can take help from a business architect.

Look out for my next post on “How to create a Mind Map”.

Start simple, add the frills later

It’s always good practice to build your house first, and then decorate it. Don’t compromise on the fundamental features, getting bedazzled by the fancy frills.

Remember, there are no free lunches. Hence if a vendor offers features free, be extra wary!

”Plug n Play” never works

It is wise to select a pre-built package, but only if the vendor doesn’t promise it as a “plug n play”. A solution will only work if it is configurable, and the vendor is willing to customize the features for you.

Choose your vendor wisely

More often than not, you will find an excess of vendors offering similar solutions. Look at their previous rating and customer reviews. Most important, set up an initial call and speak to the vendor. This one interaction will allow you to understand if the vendor understands your business, and understands the nuanced differences between your business from a similar other. My singular advice is to go with a vendor who can communicate effortlessly. For more information contact us.

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