Artificial Intelligence and Podio

Of late, I have been getting many requests to integrate Artificial Intelligence with Podio, specifically in the area of communication with prospects and leads. Attempting to substitute human interaction with AI in real estate sales cycles, or for that matter in any area of business, may not always yield favorable results. It is very tempting […]

CRM Solutions For Small Businesses

CRM Solutions for Small Businesses

CRM lead management solutions for small businesses is one of the most awaited and essential topics that Many SMEs owners want to discuss. A CRM system is basically a software tool or platform that businesses use to manage customer relations. A Customer Relationship Management system helps businesses track customer data, manage customer interactions, and automate […]

How I got introduced to the Podio CRM Platform

Podio CRM

My journey with the Podio CRM Platform started 6 years ago. The company I was with, A Retail Analytical Product Company was in the process of evaluating CRM platforms. We struck upon Podio, initially, there was a very mixed opinion about Podio. One of the biggest reservations is the permission right to selective fields and […]

How do I build my own Real Estate CRM system?

Real Estate investor CRM

Every Real Estate CRM system is unique to the user.  rather should be unique to its user. The real estate vertical is a huge gamut. One could be dealing in homes or residential properties, land, commercial or industrial. The information required for each of these categories is different. Therefore the CRM system should be specifically […]

Choosing a CRM system for your Business

Choosing a CRM system for your Business

Sharing some insight from the experience I have gained working with real estate investors and developers. Read more about building a real estate CRM system. Know your business process. This is the fundamental problem that is most often overlooked. One needs to lay out how exactly one’s business process works. Being committed to this first […]

Making A Career Out Of An OCD Disorder Condition

Making a Career out of an OCD Condition

Making a career from a condition seems odd to hear but, I think I used it to my advantage. I think I have an OCD disorder condition. I really never denied it when my family talked about it. rather I was kind of proud of it. I have always been a very organized person. It’s […]

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