Artificial Intelligence and Podio

Of late, I have been getting many requests to integrate Artificial Intelligence with Podio, specifically in the area of communication with prospects and leads.

Attempting to substitute human interaction with AI in real estate sales cycles, or for that matter in any area of business, may not always yield favorable results.

It is very tempting to let AI take over, especially the mundane & repetitive responses. But given that the technology is still in its nascency, relying solely on AI automation could be fraught with risk for businesses. AI could misinterpret inquiries and provide generic responses that fail to address specific concerns, and ultimately alienate potential clients with its robotic demeanor.

Marketing campaigns usually yield low success rates, but when a lead finally emerges, relying on AI to handle it can lead to misunderstandings or missed opportunities.

Further, we must be sensitive to our customers’ reaction to “robotic communication”. Sellers often find AI responses frustrating, potentially jeopardizing the sale. The lack of human touch can alienate clients. Building trust and rapport is crucial in real estate. While AI has its benefits, knowing when to prioritize human interaction is the key.

There are no free lunches, and therefore, investing time in personalized communication can make all the difference.

Undeniably, AI is a very powerful tool and can handle many aspect of our lives, including the intricacies of real estate sales. However, the truth remains: you cannot replace the human element when it comes to answering real estate sales text messages or calls.

Often real estate transactions are deeply personal, laden with emotion and nuances. While AI may excel at processing data and generating automated responses, but to adapt to various situations on the fly, and understand complex human needs requires the human mind, along with invaluable intuition, to understand the situation and respond appropriately.

While AI can streamline certain aspects of the real estate business process, it’s essential to recognize its limitations. Rather than attempting to automate every interaction, real estate agents and wholesalers should prioritize the human touch

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