5 Ways Outsourcing CRM Consulting Services Can Help Your Business Grow?

 What is Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the business practice or activities companies or Individuals require for best practice or day to day activities, Companies hire third parties to perform or provide services to them. This outsourced company, known as the service provider or the consultant arranges to perform the tasks or CRM consulting services either on-site at the hiring company’s own facilities or at external locations.

Consulting Companies versus Individual Consultants

Organizations or Individuals could either outsource to other Outsourcing Companies or to Individuals Consultants, depending on the management structure, requirements & need. These could be on a long term basis or on a short term basis

Outsourcing tasks or jobs to larger third party Companies usually are done when the activity requires team work. Here Outsourcing Companies take ownership, and responsibility for the entire project or task assigned. They would usually be part of the process from conceptualization to completion 

Outsourcing Individual consultants are industry leaders, they offer professional and expert advice to organizations who are interested in streamlining their services, process etc. Consultants have immense knowledge and experience in the required field, their insight and guidance will help companies get more efficient, profitable, and successful. Individual Consultants can be hired directly by Organizations or even by Outsourcing companies. They are usually hired when tasks or jobs run independently

Outsourcing versus Insourcing

At the onset we need to understand the difference between In-House and Outsourcing. Outsourcing is the practice of hiring external Outsourcing Companies or Individuals Consultants to perform work, jobs or tasks required, whereas in-house (also known as Insourcing) is to perform or execute the same tasks, jobs or work within one’s own organization or with its own existing employees

The Benefits of Outsourcing CRM Consulting Services

CRM Counsulting Services

Time is of the essence: Time is Money; this applies to all businesses. If the turnaround time for any business is high, the business is a losing proposition. To keep leads or clients engaged and complete the lead cycle swiftly can be optimized by outsourced CRM services 

Room for Innovation & Development: There is a huge positive impact on innovation and creative abilities when organizations outsource CRM services. outsourced CRM technical consultant brings in talent and a new perspective & a fresh way of thinking. They also bring in the latest technology and has an impressive knowledge

Quality of Work & Reputation: It is often seen a level of complacency and lethargy enters company employees, an outsourced CRM technical consultant brings in high quality work as this reflects highly on their reputation.  CRM technical consultants undergo rigorous continuous training in interacting & communicating with Leads or Clients. And adapting to using high-end technologies to support multi-user communication. 

Focused Services: Not only being economical outsourcing CRM Consulting Services is a smart decision too. A huge load of responsibility is shared with the CRM technical consultant. Keeping focused and giving enough time to handle core issues. In doing this huge pressure is taken off the in-house employees making the workplace more productive and giving the freedom to employees to now work in areas of their strengths, getting the most out of their skills. 

Can outsourcing CRM Consulting Services help boost your startups

Outsourcing the development and maintenance of CRM Consulting services has become highly acceptable and is also recommended by startup gurus. While outsourcing has many advantages for all kinds of businesses, startups, in particular, are positioned to gain a lot from partnering or outsourcing their CRM Consulting Services requirements

Huge Cost & Time Benefits: Outsourcing CRM Consulting Services is a very lucrative strategy as it provides a huge cost-savings benefit. startups can avoid investing in additional equipment, office space. Another big saving is the recruitment, training, process. Additionally, salaries, compensations and benefits of the new hire. Precious time is saved by not engaging in the tedious hiring process.

Hire on a need basis: In the Outsourcing CRM Consulting Services module startups free themselves from permanently hiring staff, they may not need on a permanent basis. Hiring full time employees at the nascent stage of a business is a huge financial investment that may be challenging to recover at a later date for startups. It also gives startups the flexibility to work with a highly, professional pool of talent on an as and when need basis, giving more flexibility and lower costs.

Concentration on major core areas: Small startups usually grow as the business grows, at the onset smaller number of employees take on the responsibility of all the roles required to run an organization, as the company grows the responsibility also grows, this further leads to less optimal work performance, Outsourcing CRM Consulting Services, does not take you away from your core tasks that are required for the business to grow

How will a CRM Consultancy Services or Consultant work for your Business?

CRM Consulting Services

A CRM consultant is responsible to handle various customer relationship management services related to selecting, implementing, and optimization of the CRM system. There are 3 types of CRM Consultants: Architect, Implementer, and User.

The Architect (Functional CRM Consultant)

CRM consultants handle the functional design of the CRM solution. They define the scope and collect the functional and non-functional business requirements for the different phases of CRM Implementation. Functional CRM consultants conduct CRM systems analysis to keep them in line with these business requirements.

CRM consultants analyze design, configure, adjust system functionality to all business requirements. They define functional specifications and communicate with the technical team to ensure systems are understood and built as required.

Apart from this, CRM functional consultants document all implementation, and configuration, they can also act as CRM advisors and consult clients and support customers with technical questions but also mentor members of your team.

The Implementer (Technical CRM Consultant)

 Technical CRM consultants are responsible for conducting the implementation of the design. They have a superior understanding of the technology platform on which the CRM system is being built.  They are involved in all of the technical aspects.

The technical CRM consultants assist in the integration of external systems and web services and take part in creating the design, Implementation, and development of complex CRM implementation projects.

The User (Administrative CRM Consultant)

An Administrative CRM Consultant is more like an assistant who is handling all the day to day activities of the organization. An Administrative CRM Consultant provides administrative or technical services to a client while working remotely, outside the client’s place of business. They typically assist with tasks that take up considerable time for their clients, such as scheduling meetings and appointments. An Administrative CRM Consultant is able to manage and enters data into the CRM system, make cold calls and add appointments to the CRM system Calendar.

How to Select the Right CRM Consultant?

Years of Experience

CRM consulting is a crowded space with many jumping on the CRM Consultant bandwagon

CRM Consultants having years of experience and have been around having developed best practices and tips/tricks that only come from years of in-depth knowledge & specialization in the chosen platform.

A CRM consultant who has been around long enough can help you select the optimal CRM & maximize along with guiding you in the right direction.

Try to get reference checks, or Look for Reviews

Specific to your vertical

Every business is unique, so make sure the CRM consultant has worked in your business vertical and has a fair amount of experience in the same, alternatively is willing to take time to learn your business and ask detailed questions about your business. It would be preferable if they have industry experience, & understands your business specifics instead of “teaching” them about your business basics.

Deliver on Time

 A CRM Consultant who treats you as a priority is the right match to meet deadlines.

The largest or biggest consultant may not necessarily be the best fit for your CRM project. Pay attention to how their communication skills, how prompt they are in responding to your emails, and how engaged they are during calls or meetings.

Good freelance CRM Consultants will be, most probably, busy, so make sure to have enough time for your research. Don’t forget to make clear deadlines.

Don’t go Cheap

One usually learns this the hard way ………do not get influenced by low-cost CRM Consultants.

Lower prices can be very attractive at the onset but more often result in having to pay extra towards hidden costs or substandard execution of the system. This could also result in extra hours needed to complete the project or significant delivery issues.

Complete understanding and Comfort Factors with Each Other

Communication Skills are a primary requirement in selecting the right CRM consultant. Make sure the CRM consultant’s English proficiency in both oral and written forms is of a satisfactory level.

CRM consultant’s method & approach to Implementation  

During 1st level interaction with the consultant make note of the level of understanding of the Project the CRM Consultant has. How Detailed is the Scope of Design and what the Requirements are made out? Are the CRM Consultants asking the appropriate questions?

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